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Established in August 2016, Tahnee Cole is a career driven mom on a mission to show moms that career and mom life can coincide smoothly and efficiently.

This mom makes sure to structure her career to be conducive to her lifestyle. The mom who crunches numbers, rocks stilettos, attends parent conferences, makes cupcakes and packs sports gear into her Cadillac SUV!

Tahnee says: It takes a real kick ass mom to maintain a career and a household. Being a mom of two and working for Corporate America has not been easy. I have dealt with rises and falls along the way. I had to make adjustments and learn to go with the flow. I have learned that in order to succeed sometimes you have to fail. Lastly, I have learned that balance is not always possible, but time management is KEY!


I am a proud mom of a girl and boy. During my parenthood journey, I have learned many lessons. Not just about parenting, but I have learned more about myself. I have learned patience, communication and the true meaning of respect. As a mom, I think it is extremely important to not only demand respect, but to show respect to your children. My blogging journey discusses many scenarios of parenting lessons and interactions with my kiddos.


I did not know what to do when the ultrasound said I was having a boy the second time around. I was excited because it would be different. Big Jay was excited to have his first son, but my mind started getting scared. What would I do with a boy? Could I relate to him? Would he like sports? Would it be ok raising him in America? Would he like me (I know that sounds crazy)? Well honey, that little boy is EVERYTHING. Smart, sarcastic (he gets that from his daddy, wink), funny and so loving. When God made sons, he gave moms a protector and cuddle bear. I love being a boy mom and I can’t wait to show you more of our interactions.


A real life doll. A spa partner. A shopping, hair and nail buddy. A best friend for life is what you have when you birth a girl. Not to mention you get to have a mini you, attitude and all. lol If you have been following me then you have watched Heaven grow from elementary to middle school. I am finally a mother of a teenager and life is good but different. I am so happy to see what great things my baby girl does.


This is my puppy Apollo. I am also a fur mama to an American Bullador (Bull dog and Labrador mix). Apollo is an awesome, protective and loving dog. He has very high energy and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with him, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Kid fashion, meals, home decor and everything mom lifestyle is what you will uncover in my blog. I love to dress my babies. As a matter of fact, I often dress them similar. They don’t even mind because the looks represent their personal style. I try not to intrude on their individuality and personal style, but I love fashion and dressing for success.

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Planning a fun and eventful 6th Birthday for my son!

I can’t believe my littlest is 6 years old and going to first grade. Time is flying. Birthdays are always celebrated at my house. The key is to keep it fun, stress-less and affordable. Of course, I always go over my intended budget, LOL. This year, I took off a week to celebrate with my […]

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum

“This ain’t no regular morning sickness. I’m sick all damn day.” I said frustrated. I couldn’t get out the tub. Work started at 7:30 am and I was still in the tub at 7:10 am. I was crying because I knew I was going to have an awful day. I would be throwing up all […]

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the WAHM and SAHM confusion…

Ditch the WAHM being a SAHM CONFUSION.  Since March I have been working remote due to the pandemic. It has been a mix of pleasure and testing my patience. Due to personal and professional time constraints, I have learned that I can’t do it all and I’m content with that realization. While I respect and […]

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Confidence is Key : Ways i ENCOURAGE and motivate my black son.

In a world, where young black men are often downplayed as thugs, irresponsible baby daddies, drug dealers etc. It is important to teach our children about the images that are not often on the news. The positive images. Black people are thriving and there are many positive representations of “black boy joy” and “the black […]

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