8 Ways to balance work and mommy life

Being a mom is tough but being a working mom can be even more challenging. Below I created a list of 8 things I do daily to help get through my single mommy life without pulling out all my hair. This is in no particular order. Try them and they might work for you too!

  1. I Pat myself on the back-Don’t beat yourself up! Don’t feel guilty! Every mom can’t stay at home to raise the children. Some of us have work outside of the home to provide for our families. Just do your best to not let your guilt consume you. Give yourself a compliment and realize that you are doing the best you can for your children.  My children admire me for being a mom and maintaining a career. It doesn’t matter what you do just don’t dwell on the sorrows of what you are going to miss out on but focus on what you will gain.
  2. I Get the Right Help-Find a great childcare provider or a trusted family member or friend. Find the right people that you trust so that your mind will be at ease while you are at work. Make sure that person has the same morals and values you do in a safe environment. Make sure they are reliable and love children.  There is nothing like worrying about your children while at work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  3. I Make Mornings Rock-I know it sounds crazy and everybody isn’t a morning person, but it can be done. I get up at 4:30 am, I have to be at work at 7:30am. Crazy right?  No, it really helps me because I mentally prepare myself for my day. My morning routine starts with prayer and exercise, getting the kids clothes together, packing lunches, making them a small breakfast and after I wake them up we all watch SID the SCIENCE kid before we head out.  The whole purpose is for my children to see me relaxed and ready for the day. It puts them in a better mood and we aren’t rushing. I won’t claim that every morning is perfection but its organized.
  4. I Create a Fun Family Calendar-My dinner menu, our after work and school activities, fun time and everything that counts is on that calendar. It keeps our life organized and helps the children remember what we have planned together. It gives everyone something to look forward to.
  5. I Don’t hold it in- Find someone to talk to. Let people who truly care about you know exactly what you feel, if you need help and what you are going through. You will be surprised who can help and what available resources there are out there to assist you in raising your children.
  6. I Stay in touch with my kiddies- While I’m at work I email and text my daughters teacher just to keep up on what she is learning in school. My babysitter sends me pictures of my son and I am able to visit on my lunch breaks when I want. Just those minor connections make me feel like I can get through my work day knowing that they are safe, happy and healthy while I am away.
  7. I ignore distractions– When you get home try to shutdown social media, unnecessary gossiping sessions, polluted television shows. Now I am not saying give up all your guilty pleasures, but take TIME with the kids. Go out and enjoy nature when it is warm. Put your phone down and communicate with them. Building a strong relationship when they are young will develop as they grow. Let the kids know you miss them and you want to catch up. Understand that time waits for no one. Appreciate it and live in the now.
  8. I Recharge and have ME time– Maybe you need a nap, or to take a bath with no disturbances. Whatever you need to do to relax yourself, do it. Never feel guilty about having time away from your children. Every mommy needs a break. If you take care of yourself you can take care of others. If you are drained out and don’t give yourself any time to recuperate from life’s daily struggles then you will be no good to your family.

Published by Tahnee Cole

The blogger and creator of Black Pumps Pink Slippers and The Brown Career Mom.

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