Coffee and My kids

The smell of hot coffee and my kids playing is therapy for me. After a stressful week of looking at numbers all day, my mind needs to just take a hiatus. Both coffee and my kids give me a warm and happy feeling. There is something about drinking coffee on the weekends when I am off work. Coffee Monday through Friday at work is strictly to keep me from falling asleep. When I have coffee on the weekends I am relaxed.

I usually start my Saturday morning off with a huge pot of French vanilla coffee. Saturday morning is our hot breakfast day.  I am a working mom and I get up super early everyday. Therefore; there is no time to sit down and have breakfast with my kids daily. Saturday is our day to either go out for a big breakfast or for me to make a huge breakfast at home.  The kids favorite breakfast is banana pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream on top.  If it is nice outside we go out and have breakfast on our patio deck.

I enjoy these moments because my kids and I are able to bond and live in the moment. I think my best blog ideas arrive on Saturday mornings. What are some of your ways that you relax on the weekends with your kids?


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