Life Before being a Mommy was……

Have you ever looked at your kids and wondered what you were doing before they were born? It is as if my life before having my kids is a blur now. I don’t quite remember how I was getting through my days without them. All I could think of is I was getting more sleep and leaving when I wanted. Yet having my children has really brought out such a great side of me. Everyday isn’t a good day but most of my days are never boring.

Yes it is challenging being a mom, but there is nothing like seeing their smiling faces daily. Everything I do is geared around making sure my children have a great life. Which is why even when I am having my worst days I find inspiration in them. Looking around my house I just noticed so many changes in my thought process. I use to be a neat freak and had to have everything in place. Although I am still very much concerned about the cleanliness of my home I am more focused on the comfort my homes brings.

Once upon a time the backyard was boring, but now its covered with tricycles, sliding boards, barbies and action figures. Handprints are all over but its just a reminder of their presence in my home. The snacks are eaten up faster, but it puts a smile on my face when I go to the store specifically to pick up snacks they like. My baths were quiet and peaceful, but now bath time is filled with pretending we are in a boat being chased by sharks. Dinner time was neater and there were less dishes, but now there are two little people to share dinner with. I am never lonely because they are the best company a girl could have. Life is so different now. My days are way more busy. I have so much more laundry and more to clean, but I have so much more love inside of me. Most importantly I am LOVED. I think life before being a mommy was…… BORING!


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