Soon as I get home…

After a hard day it is helpful to SMILE. There are 5 things I do when I feel like a hard day of work is intervening with the happiness of my home life.

  1. Leave my troubles at work– It is ok to be upset and tired from work, but don’t carry it home. My daughter always asks how my day was and I keep it brief. Me having a bad day is not her problem. We have to learn to separate work from home and not focus on the day we had.
  2. Unwind– I usually take a hot shower and recommend that the children do the same. I tell the kids to take off the work and school day germs. Water rejuvenates you and a refresh body helps refresh the mind.
  3. Enjoy dinner– eating a hearty dinner with light conversation always eases the tension of the day.
  4. Get off Social Media– I work on the computer all day so I try to minimize technology usage after work. I am not perfect and yes I still use my social media, but it’s getting much better. I’m still a work in progress!
  5. Do something Fun– I make it a habit to do something fun with the kids such as: baking cookies, going for a walk, going to the library, playing a board game or watching a movie. Doing something fun distracts you from thinking about the work day.
  6. Lastly, Laugh– laughter is good for the soul and when I want to get rid of a hard day of stress my children and I laugh. We are all goofy so anything can get us going!!!

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