Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

As I began to transform my life into a more positive mindset my food choices started to change. Things that I craved before just didn’t satisfy me anymore. I didn’t want processed foods. I didn’t and I still don’t want fast foods. Coming from a woman who used to live at McDonalds during my college years, I thought I would never hear the day that I say Mickey D’s disgust me. Now I am not putting down anyone who wants to indulge in French fries or a MC Flurry, but you are what you eat. If you feel sluggish and sick don’t be surprised if it happens as soon as you eat those darn fries.

I have slowly transitioned from not only eliminating fast food and processed food to a more plant based diet. I still eat chicken and fish and hopefully one day I will totally eliminate meat.  The better I eat the more mental clarity and energy I have. If I happen to mess up and eat something processed my body can tell instantly and my mind will recognize it as well. I am on the road to eat better so that I can preserve my body. We are not here forever and our bodies are not here to last for eternity. However, we should do whatever we can to make sure that we treat our bodies with care. I have made it a habit to transform my lifestyle by making sure I keep my mind, body and soul balanced. Daily mediation/prayer, exercise and good healthy food keeps me going strong and long.



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