My baby Girl…


I was just thinking about all my oldest child has been through and I am very proud of her. Sometimes we are so focused on our daily lives we forget the things our children experience. They are people too and they have feelings. Situations can affect them and life can truly make an impact on them in ways we can’t comprehend.

For the longest it had only been my daughter and I due to her father’s incarceration. My daughter was a little over a year when her dad received a 25 year life sentence. Although, they still have remained pretty close from phone contact, mail and occasional visits life is still different. I think for years I was over compensating for her missing dad by making sure that she never feels like she is raised in a single parent home. I found myself often over exerting myself with buying more than what she needed. My biggest concern was the she never missed out on anything especially when it came to entertainment and extracurricular activities. My daughter is a very resilient and observant girl. She refuses to give up which is one of the reasons why she learned how to ride a bike in two days. Despite any circumstances she looks at the bright side of everything and continues to put effort into being the best she can be.

Now that my daughter is 8 going on 9 I talk to her about a lot. I explain to her that she has a divine purpose. I never sugarcoat anything. I explain to her that there will be evil and obstacles that will try to prevent her from attaining her goals. However, I assure her that if she keeps her mind, heart, body and soul in balance that she can do anything. I describe to her the importance of keeping only people around her who are concerned about her being her best self. As well as I try to lead by example by being selective with who I bring around.

As I have gotten older I have made more of an effort to focus on making sure that I spend more time helping my daughter in life with words of wisdom and giving her things that money cannot buy. I am trying to instill in her integrity, courage, wisdom, common sense and humility. I believe that if she has those traits along with her gifts and talents she is unstoppable. I have also taught my daughter that life may not always be the way you want and circumstances can be difficult. However, nothing last forever!  The best thing to do is focus on what you have to get what you desire. I think my daughter is going to be more than a conqueror and I cannot wait to see her achieve all the things I did not.



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