Dear Son…

 Dear Son,
I stand outside your bedroom door and I pray for you.
A special kind of prayer only a mother can do
I pray for your protection
This same prayer since birth
I dread that some days you will not look at your brown skin as a gift,
But more like a curse
I pray for the stereotypes you will have to endure daily
And I cry inside praying nobody will ever hurt my baby
I don’t buy toy guns, not even water guns for play
I am afraid you might play with the wrong person on the wrong day
I’m watching how I dress you
Is this too hood for the police?
Please son, don’t get caught up in these streets
I’m watching what shoes you put on
Are these too fresh for the poor?
I don’t want you to get attacked because the boys want some shoes like yours
I don’t want you to wear a hoodie and be accused as a thief
Because I know to some your life is less valuable than the police chief
I know you are a baby but these are my fears
I can’t help but say I’m sorry, I can’t help my tears
I’m praying for your success
I know it will be tough being you
But I know you can succeed those labels aren’t true


You aren’t a deadbeat dad and you will not abandon your children’s mother
You will have love for humanity and always respect your father and mother
You will protect your sisters and have integrity
You will accomplish your goals and still have humility
But there will still be those who don’t like you and make you feel you aren’t good enough
But mommy wants you to stand firm, believe in yourself and be tough
And I’ll continue to support you, protect you and teach you the right things to do
And I pray a special prayer only a mother can do…
                                                                           -Tahnee C.

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