Fundraising Frenzy


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Is it just me or do other moms get stressed over the fundraisers? Gone are the days of the $0.50 cent or $1.00 candy bars. My daughter is selling gourmet sauces, cookie dough and pastries. The cheapest item you can purchase is $13.00!  Now that may not seem like much but when you are on a budget every dollar counts. What is even more stressful is that it seems like the deadline approaches two minutes of receiving the order form. So the pressure is on me to sell as soon as my daughter hands me the magazine booklet.

Obviously since I spend the majority of my waking hours at work I target my co-workers. Typically, most of them have school aged children and they are selling items as well. So now my co-workers are all bombarded with multiple orders. So I try to find a balance with being able to get some orders for my child without being a nag. Not to mention if someone buys from your kid you feel awkward if you do not support their child. So I find myself selling and buying a lot during the school year.

Now that Heaven is older I also allow her to target our neighbors, family and friends. It is hard for them to say no to such a sweet angelic face. This teaches her to be responsible and to support her own mission without mommy doing all the work. Nevertheless, I always manage to sell as many items as possible. Our goals are always met because it helps a worthy cause, my co- workers are pleased with their sweets and Heaven gets a prize! Mission Complete.





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