Super Readers!

The majority of my life has been spent in the Library. My dad was a librarian for 32 years so my winter breaks and days off I spent a great deal of time at the library. I was never a reading fanatic but I love to write. I read enough to know what type of writing style I wanted to imitate. I also read enough to know a variety of things of different topics.

However, I knew when I had children of my own I would want them to be great readers and to be involved in many of the activities in the library. If you don’t take your children to the library you are really missing out on something. Stop worrying about them being too loud because the library is not as uptight as back in the day. Here are five good reasons why the library is a wonderful place to take your children of all ages.

  1. It’s free– No admission to get in and you don’t have to pay for the items. All you have to do is return them in good condition. Having a library card and taking care of the items helps children with responsibility. My daughter was so happy to receive her first library card. She thought it was like mommy’s credit cards.
  2. You can learn about different cultures if you can’t travel. Let’s be honest most of us will never be able to travel to every place in the world but that shouldn’t stop us from exploring by reading and virtual tours. I try to teach my daughter about a different culture and country as much as I can.
  3. The community– I go to different libraries but mostly the one in my neighborhood. We attend the 6:30 reading hour on Wednesday where we listen to stories. Very often important figures of the community stop by the library to interact with children. It helps to strengthen the bond between individuals and their community/neighborhood.
  4.  They have toys now– The library looks like fun now. There are so many toys for all ages, puzzles, games, computers and many other interactive tools to keep your children entertained. The colors of the library are children friendly and there is so much to keep your little ones amused.
  5. Consistent visits promotes reading. My daughter has always been a great reader but I am noticing how much my son who is only 1 enjoys going to the library. His big sister reads to him and he enjoys the toy stations. I can only imagine how far he will be in picking out words and sounds by the time he is two next year. You will notice how much your child’s reading and interest in the library improves with each visit.

    The Picture above is my children at a local library. It is beautifully decorated with interactive toys.

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