Today is my first born baby girl’s birthday. My first child and my first headache. Just kidding! I am reflecting on today and amazed that nine years has passed. Amazed that this is the last year that my daughter is in her single digits.

However, I am thinking a lot about the years and what my daughter and I have been through. I remember when I first had her and how I envisioned life to be so different. Things started out great. She was welcomed by two parents who adored her and wanted her before she was even born. Her dad and I were starting our lives together. Looking for a proper home, me trying to juggle college and then suddenly he was incarcerated when she was a little over one.

But life goes on…

I had to pick up the pieces, finish college and raise her on my own. I remember when I even took her to college with me during my interior design class. There were so many days that I didn’t think I could go on. I was exhausted trying to study and nurse a baby.  I remember some days only getting a couple hours of sleep because of work, studying and trying to raise her. Thank God for my support system which was mostly my mom watching her while I studied and went to night classes.

Then I remember when I finished college. My baby girl was in the audience when I walked across the stage and got my degrees. She was in the audience clapping and rooting me on sitting on my moms lap.

Life continued…

I entered the corporate world and got a banking job. Then my daughter and I began to spend more time together enjoying the fruits of my labor. I was able to provide for her and life was starting to look up. There has been even more changes with my career, and Heaven is now a big sister now. However,  I just had to reflect on how much my daughter and I endured together. From watching her say her first word, take her fist step, start her first day of school I look at Heaven and I feel proud. I am really hard on myself but looking at how much she has accomplished in school and the type of young lady she is I feel secure that we are on the right path. I know we can do anything! My baby reads my blog everyday. She is my number one fan.

So to Heaven: I really love you and mommy is really the woman she is today because of you. Everyday I strive to be better because you push me to. Happy Birthday Doll!


Published by Tahnee Cole

The blogger and creator of Black Pumps Pink Slippers and The Brown Career Mom.

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