New Year Parent Goals

Most of us come up with New Year Resolutions but it is important to work on our parenting skills. Great parents are created from hard work and dedication. I thought it would be neat to collect 17 parent goals to work on for 2017.I collected ideas from wonderful moms from work, school, church, online etc. Check them out and don’t hesitate to add your goals in the comments below.

1.Lindsay Perez

My kids are  Matthew 8, Elijah 5 Samuel 2

Goal: Spending more time with my husband coming up with plans for our kids future.  My goal is for us to start being team players more.

2.Saniyah McRoth

My kids are Tiffany 5, Taylor 3

Goal: Spending more time teaching my kids about giving back to the community and being more grateful for their many blessings.

3.Elois McElrath

My Kids are Zuri 5, Zaria 2

Goal: Finding more programs to teach my girls about their culture and starting traditions related to our culture.

4.Ebony Glass

My kid is Vassel 5

Goal: To prepare my son for Kindergarten (homeschooling) and working on his speech.

5.Taneisha Peterson

My kid is Marlo 3

Goal: Emphasizing the importance of self love and respect for himself and for others.

6.Christina Bates

My kids are Jacob 5, Caleb 3

Goal: Teaching my boys the importance of saving and investing money.

7.Melonee Sumlin

My kids are Camryn & Christian 10, Cai 3

Goal: Teaching my kids to take pride in everything they do and strive for greatness.

8.Chanel Antionette

My kids are  Marie 13, Amia 8, Mariah 7, Brayden 6

Goal: To continue to work on positive emotional development and help them deal with the changing digital age to become successful teens.

9.Broke Venici

My kids are Mark 9, Levi 7

Goal: To be a more hands on mom. Less time with the babysitter and more time with me.

10.Trinity Jones

My kids are Sammie 3, Layla 18 months

Goal: Stressing the importance of reading even though they are still young. I want to start them early!

11.Daphne Lewis

My kids are Delonte 8, Damian 7, Diomini 6

Goal: Having time with each of my boys separately to focus on their individuality.

12.Ashly Jones

My kids are Angelo 15, Kenneth 6

Goal: Having more organization.

13.Maple Roberts

My kids are Sky 7, Journee 5, Jimani 3, Oscar 1

Goal: More focus on social skills. More play dates!

14.Lithia Howard

My kids are Lewis 9, Xavier 7

Goal: More family vacations. Teaching my kids that there is more to life than just work all day.

15.Mosaic Jones

My kids are Tamia 10, Tatianna 8

Goal: Teaching my girls the importance of great hygiene and self care.

16.Krystal Robinson

My kid is Milania 4

Goal: I want to teach my daughter the importance of Spirituality and the power of prayer. It is important to me that she has a relationship with God. I also want to travel the world more and show my daughter different places and cultures.

Finally 17 Me

My kids are Heaven 9 Jeremey Jr. 18 months

Goal: I want to continue teaching my children a mindset that will lead them to live an abundant and successful life. I want to raise entrepreneurs who understand the power of their purpose and gifts to offer to the world!

Thanks to all the Super Moms who shared their 2017 goals! It is going to be a great year!



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