Heaven visits Ursuline College

January 21, 2017 was a very special day for me. My daughter had to research a college that interested her. She decided to select her moms college. Boy did I feel proud! Specifically because I was carrying her my junior year. It was a very tough year for me. I remember it so vividly. However, I also remember the accomplished feeling I felt seeing her on my mother’s lap during my commencement. Well now my baby is nine years old and it felt great taking her around the campus. I went back in nostalgia reminiscing the good and the challenging moments of college. I can truly say that Ursuline College is a wonderful school and I have nothing but great memories.

We got plenty of  footage so that she could present her presentation via video. Surprisingly, her principal Mrs. Beach and her teacher Mrs. Sanders were also alumnae. They were very impressed and congratulated Heaven for her project and reflected on their great memories at Ursuline college. I was proud. Check out her video below.


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