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We all know that it is not easy being a mom who can stay in shape, work and handle the family. However, there are just some moms who are at the top of their game.  Honestly, we all want the secrets on how to maintain such a balanced lifestyle. Well I come in contact daily with the most educated, inspiring and focused moms on the planet. My goal is to bring them to you and to help you utilize their expertise to bring out your unique gifts and talents.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing my cousin Ariel Baker. She is a mom of an adorable son, a nurse and an entrepreneur. She does all of this while staying in shape. This interview was done before she transitioned her career from nurse to full time personal trainer. So enjoy this Interview and Follow her Instagram @train_ari_strong!

BPPS: I know that it is tough being a nurse and a mom. However, you even have time to have a second career. You are a personal trainer. That’s commendable! How do you balance your time and did nursing influence you to become a trainer? For example, after being a nurse did you feel it was necessary to live a healthier life?

Ariel: Thank you. Yes, balancing time can be difficult. As a mother it is always my primary priority to care for my son. However, when you have a professional passion, you learn how to balance your time. Each week I plan out my schedule that ensures I am able to complete everything that needs to be done. I work as a nurse at night, while I personal train while my son is at school. Evenings are reserved for my family on the nights I don’t work. I have always had a desire to give care to people. Nursing showed me that I wanted to help impact the health of others, prior to them entering the hospital. This is where I obtained my love for personal training.

BPPS: How long have you been a trainer? How do you keep your training knowledge up to date?

Ariel: I have been a certified personal trainer for a little over a year. I have always had a love for physical fitness. I ran track in high school and college. When I had my son, I gained more weight than expected. After this moment, I decided to dedicate my life to physical fitness and achieving my weight loss goals in a healthy manner. I am constantly reading and researching new techniques for weight loss and physical fitness. I make it a priority to read fitness articles, watch videos and participate in fitness seminars to continuously expand my knowledge.

BPPS: Your body looks great. You are toned and you have great definition. How often do you work out?

Ariel: I work out at least five times a week. I complete at least one hour of cardio a day, while I also commit to one hour of weight training as well.

BPPS: How do you design a fitness routine specialized for each individuals unique needs?

Ariel: When assessing the needs of my clients, I always ask them if they have had any previous health issues, example: joint problems, back issues, asthma….. Anything that may inhibit the workout and their progression. This is when I create my specific workout for each client. Many of my clients have different goals. For my clients who desire to lose weight, I focus on providing a cardiovascular workout that aides them in burning fat and calories. For my clients who are more interested in toning or gaining muscles mass, I provide them with workouts geared towards weight training. Each of my client’s needs are unique, so I make unique workouts for each of them.

BPPS: How do you keep your clients motivated?

Ariel: I love to speak positivity into my clients. Many of my clients come to me with the idea they cannot complete a workout. I love to inspire them by teaching them that physical fitness is 80% mental. If you believe you can accomplish a goal, then you can!

BPPS: On a scale of 1-10 are you in your ideal body?

Ariel: I would rate myself as an 8 in relation to my ideal body image. I am very hard on myself and I always create new goals for myself to accomplish. I love the way my body looks, but I must continue to show progression.

BPPS: Give us some tips of squeezing in fitness and balancing nutrition?

Ariel: Nutrition is key to weight loss. If nothing else, you must facilitate a good nutritional diet. You cannot out-train a poor diet. Eating healthy is all about planning. Many of us eat fast food because it is convenient. I highly recommend meal preparation at the beginning of each week, so you will have meals and snacks already prepared for you at your disposal. Drink lots of water. Water consumption will help you to shed fat. I suggest at least a gallon of water a day, or 1 cup of water for each hour you are awake. Your body will transform. Also, implement 3, 1 hour cardiovascular workouts into your week. Doing so will combat heart disease and weight gain. Find what cardiovascular style works best for you.

BPPS: Do you meal prep every week?

Ariel: Not every week but very often. Especially when I’m trying to cut weight, or achieve a certain goal. It is very helpful when trying to avoid the unhealthy habit of eating fast food.

BPPS: Do you feel better now that you have changed you eating habits?

Ariel: I feel great now that I have changed my eating habits. I have eliminated beef and pork out of my diet. I add green leafy vegetables into each meal. I drink lots of water, which has helped me to keep my weight down. I am no longer tired and sluggish and I have the energy to accomplish my daily goals.

BPPS: Can you give me three of your top exercises to help moms lose that stubborn tummy fat?

Ariel: Tummy fat is all diet. Cut out trans-fat and unhealthy carbs from your diet. Incorporate foods high in fiber and water into your diet. For abdominal fitness exercises, I love bicycles, planks and V-ups. These three exercises target each area of your abdomen, as well as your core muscles.

BPPS: To conclude this interview what advice do you have for working moms trying to maintain self-care and taking care of their family?

Ariel: My advice to moms are, don’t feel guilty for taking time out to invest in yourself. You can be a great mom, an efficient professional and a fitness god all in one. Plan out your day accordingly. When you need to take a moment to yourself, do so. The happier you are, the happier your family will be!

BPPS: Well we appreciate your advice. You are definitely a motivation to moms all around the world. Much love and success on your future Inspirational endeavors.

Again follow Ariel Baker at @train_ari_strong for all your fitness and nutrition needs.


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