Summer Family Pictures

I love family pictures.  It is amazing how much my children have changed in six months.  The occasion was Juniors two year old milestone pictures and summer family photos. My mom had bought this cute outfit for my son’s birthday and I decided I would make my daughter and I tutu skirts to match. We went with black, teal and white. It came out really cute!

Let me tell you a little story…

I had everything planned out. I had made milestone signs for the kids to hold as well as a few other props. I had even decided we would not dress Junior until we got to the location. The location was awesome and gave us natural light. The day was beautiful and sunny but not too hot.

Before we got there everyone was neat and clean. However, as soon as I got Junior dressed he ran and fell in a puddle of dirt. I was almost going to panic because I realized that he didn’t have another shirt. I usually came prepared for things like this, but of all days I wasn’t. I got a wipe and wiped the dirt off and we were able to conceal the minor stain.  So the moral of this story was to loosen up. It taught me that no matter how much you try to prepare you can never predict what will happen. Also, my son is two years old and it is perfectly fine if he falls and gets dirty.  I needed to enjoy the time without worrying so much. The pictures still turned out adorable and we had a great time. Check them out below.


For pictures contact @lize216


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