Single Mom

As a single mom life can be tough. You love your children, but still may feel trapped. You may feel misjudged and as if the world is constantly on your shoulders. You have to constantly pick yourself up out of this rut, because you need the energy to take care of your children and yourself.

However, you have the power to change your life and live the life that you desire. You are the creator and designer of your life. If you can not find the strength to go on just take a minute, breathe and follow these tips. These general tips may sound cliché, but if you work on these daily I promise life will become a little easier.

  1. Give yourself a break– Stop trying to be perfect. Cut yourself some slack and realize that every morning will not be a breeze. Some days the toast will burn, the baby will cry, and you may not want to go to work. It is normal to have bad days. Bad days does not equal bad mother. It means you are human. Try again.
  2. Forgive yourself and let the guilt go– Being guilty that you have to go to work or that the other parent is not present in the home is not beneficial. You have to focus on the fact that your children has at least one dedicated person, you! You have the power to help shape them into healthy happy adults. Waddling in self pity and guilt will not help and will only cause you to focus on what you lack. The goal is to focus on what you do have to attract more.
  3. Savor the moments– Remember the days are long but the years are short. Each day is a blessing. Time goes by very fast and you do not want to waste it being resentful or angry. Looking at your life through your children’s eyes is the best remedy for appreciating life. Children live in the moment. You can be concerned about the future, but it is best to enjoy the present. Savor the good and the bad. It all will pass.
  4. Cut out the procrastination– (Say what you mean to say and do what you got to do)- If you hold firm to your beliefs, values and goals it says a lot about your character. It will also help pull you out of undesirable situations. When I hold true to what I say and stick to my plans I have noticed the following:
    1. Makes your children respect and admire you. ( I rather show them what to do than tell them)
    2. Helps you accomplish your goals ( Talk is not cheap but action is better)
    3. It shows what you will and will not tolerate ( I am a brand. I represent myself. I show people how to treat me)

In short, I want to send blessings and encouragement to all moms especially my single moms. Peace, Love and Prosperity!

Tahnee Cole,

-The Mommy Motivator


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