It is that time of year! It is amazing how fast summer vacation has came and gone.  However, I can honestly say that I enjoyed having a summer off with my children. This morning my daughter started a new school. She is now attending an all girl school in a different school district from where we live. She was very nervous today due to the different procedures for the first day. Let’s just say she had a lot more independence and could not rely on mommy taking her school supplies inside her classroom.  At first I was very nervous too, but I had to trust that everything I had taught her about independence and her listening skills would kick in.

Another surprising issue this year was that I spent over one hundred dollars in school supplies. My parents even pitched in and helped this year. It is amazing how much the children need nowadays. I have no problem contributing to anything that will help her education and for her to be successful, but sheesh!

Overall, I was very happy watching my daughter progress from one grade to the next, standing tall and being brave at a new school. I can see nothing but great achievements for her. She is an awesome girl and student. I definitely foresee a great school year.

How was your children’s first day? 20170814_073117