Your Self Worth and Your Success

As a mom leader SELF WORTH is one of my main focus. I truly believe that the more you value yourself the more successful you will become. Not only will you attain, but you will sustain your success. You will be unstoppable! People with high self worth value their time.  They prioritize and organize theirContinue reading “Your Self Worth and Your Success”

1 + 1 = 2 (The Second Time Around)

I was very concerned when I found out I was having a second child. I was not prepared mentally. For years I always said one was enough, but deep in my heart I desired more. The main fear was that I would have a child and not be prepared. For some reason we always think that thereContinue reading “1 + 1 = 2 (The Second Time Around)”

3 Reasons Why Being A Successful Career Driven Mom is Awesome!

I am an advocate for moms pursuing the career of their choice. I think that it is possible with the right life strategies to be a dedicated mom and maintain your career goals. Most moms think that it is too challenging to balance work and home successfully.  However, more moms are out in the workforce and takingContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Being A Successful Career Driven Mom is Awesome!”


Some days you just have to sit down and rest. Some days you have to realize that your mind, body and soul needs rest. Have you ever heard that there are answers in silence? That is the importance of meditation.  I have been meditating heavily for the last few weeks. As a mom I feel likeContinue reading “BREATHE, BE HUMBLE, SIT DOWN…”

10 things I adore about my toddler!

Since the majority of my summer was spent vacationing with the kiddies; I did not make a blog post dedicated to Juniors bday. However my son is two now and his personality is totally evolving. He is my little charming, handsome and intelligent social butterfly.  Here are 10 things I have noticed about him thatContinue reading “10 things I adore about my toddler!”