10 things I adore about my toddler!

Since the majority of my summer was spent vacationing with the kiddies; I did not make a blog post dedicated to Juniors bday. However my son is two now and his personality is totally evolving. He is my little charming, handsome and intelligent social butterfly.  Here are 10 things I have noticed about him that I totally adore.

  1. He has a favorite YouTube Guru: Ryan from Ryan’s Toy Review.
  2. His bestfriend is his big sister (my daughter) lol!
  3. His favorite things to do with his dad is play basketball and watch movies.
  4. He loves French fries.
  5. Our favorite book to read is : When David gets in by David Shannon.
  6. He loves the computer. He goes to early start computer classes on Wednesdays!
  7. He loves being out and socializing but he still prefers being home relaxing.
  8. He loves the color orange.
  9. He is very compassionate and will hug anyone who cries.
  10. He is a Mamas Boy!

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