No Perfect Mom

I am not perfect. My children eat fruits and sweets. No they don’t eat cake for breakfast, but sometimes we eat Pop-tarts when we are in a hurry. I get angry. I cry. I yell. I lose my patience and sometimes I have to count to ten. I say sorry and I start over again. I breastfed two children so my boobs aren’t as perky as they used to be and some days I am just tired.  I get stressed trying to balance work and being a good mom. I beat myself up, but then I praise myself. I get annoyed when the kids come in the bathroom with me, but when they are away the silence drives me crazy. I get territorial and I wish I could keep my babies with me every second of the day. I fear them not living their dreams and sometimes I fear things I simply have no control of. My family is not picture perfect. I am a unmarried mom. My kids are 8 years apart resulting from two seperate relationships. I am an educated woman, but Im still learning. Everyday is a learning lesson. I am constantly on a quest to be a better mom and improving my life. I am just like you!

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