Some days you just have to sit down and rest. Some days you have to realize that your mind, body and soul needs rest. Have you ever heard that there are answers in silence? That is the importance of meditation.  I have been meditating heavily for the last few weeks.

As a mom I feel like I am always doing something. I am either rocking someone to sleep, cleaning up, packing lunches, helping with homework or driving somewhere.  I am always constantly on the move, but eventually my body will let me know if I am doing too much. Lately, I have been wanting to get up and do everything I feel like I slacked on during the summer, but I still have to realize I am only one person.  I got a rude awakening when I was cleaning too much and tumbled down a flight of stairs. Luckily, I did not break anything and I was fine, but there was a lesson in this. The lesson was to sit my ass down and not to clean in stilettos!

When you feel like you are getting overwhelmed it is ok to sit down.

Remember to drink plenty of water, meditate, exercise, eat healthy and balance your activities!


Love and Peace

From Tahnee L. Cole

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