I love the Fall season! I was born in November so maybe that has a lot to do with my love for the season.  There is something about the beautiful change in the leaves and the warmth feelings of Fall. I love the flavorful scents and the cozy feeling when the Fall season rolls around. I love to do many things during the fall season, but here are 6 of my absolute favorites.

1.Visit a Farm and a Festival– Our top farm choices are Hales and Patterson’s Farm. Each offer unique fun. Visiting a farm in the fall provides the children a chance to understand farm life. They are able to see the life of the animals and understand what the Farmers do to prepare for the colder climate seasons.  Then we attend our neighbor Fall festival where the children pick pumpkins, go on hayrides and do art and crafts geared to the Fall Season.

2.Making Caramel Apples– I have been monitoring the kids sugar intake so that they can have healthy pearly whites; however, we always make an exception and make our delicious caramel apples.  We will have a video up soon of our caramel apple fun. Plus an apple a day keeps the doctor away! LOL

3.Take pictures in leaves- Everyone knows I am big at taking pictures. Especially to show my children’s growth and also to captures special moments. There is something so beautiful and childlike seeing my kids stand in a pile of leaves. I love the colors and I love the beauty captured in the photo whether professional or casual.

4.Go to a Football Game- Yes, it is football season which is my second favorite sport to Boxing. The children and I have attended about three local football games in the neighborhood. We get wrapped up in blankets with snacks and watch the boys play while the band marches and the cheerleaders cheer. We usually catch the Friday games because it is an awesome way to end a week!

5.Change the homes Fragrances- I am the first to admit that as soon as the fall season hits I change my home big time. I bring out the heavier brown, crème and orange colored throws for the couch. Then I bring out all of my fall scented candles, Pumpkin Spice, salted caramel, mocha, caramel apple, etc. Then I change all of my summer flowers into my fall leaves and deep orange faux flowers. I feel like changing the scents brings the fall essence alive.

6.Read Fall Books By the Fireplace-  Lastly, the kids and I are bookworms. We go to the library weekly and Barnes & Nobles. We also buy books according to the season. So during the Fall season we check out scary Halloween books and books about the Fall season. We usually cuddle up with a blanket in front of the fireplace with a good snack and read until the sun goes down.

What do you like to do during the Fall/Autumn season?


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