Happy 10th Birthday Heaven!




Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving! It is such an enjoyable holiday as I think about the food (specifically my mamas dressing, lol), family and our traditions. I even think about how my daughter was almost born on Thanksgiving in 2007. This year though while preparing for my daughters birthday weekend I had a sudden death occur. My paternal grandmother passed away. It makes the holiday have a different appeal when there is a death so close to a Holiday that is meant for family and enjoyment. I really don’t want to reflect on any bad feelings today though. I want to just say that my grandmother is true leader of the strong women in our family. Despite her battles and her hard life she always persevered. She is a true reflection that no matter what you endure in life always be thankful and always keep going. Today let us reflect on our blessings. Let us reflect on the joy we feel when we see our family and friends. Today is a day to just relax and give thanks. Appreciate where your currently are and live in the moment. Let’s not rush to Black Friday or obsess about the plans of tomorrow. Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


From Tahnee Cole


A Professional Break Up

Lately, I have been in communication with many mothers who feel like work life balance is non existent, or that there is a lack of advancement opportunities in their current situation. I recently spoke to a mother who asked me advice.

“What do you do when you have worked for a corporation for five years and have yet to be promoted?” She went on to say, “I have a degree in communications, but my job is as an administrative assistant. I work for a Public Relations company. I accepted the career to get my foot in the door, but I made it clear that I wanted to advance in the near future. I have watched other people move up and I am not going anywhere. I have expanded my family and I need more money. Do I stay or go?”  

Now ultimately she has to make that decision. However, I look at jobs like dead end relationships. If you have been with your boyfriend for five years, your family will probably ask you questions about him popping the question. Even if your family is not persistent in putting in their two cents, you probably are a bit curious yourself where the relationship is heading. I look at jobs the same way. Every job I have been in I have moved up and around. I honestly would not suggest going over two years without seeking an advancement opportunity, that is if you desire to move up. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are actively letting your Superiors know how serious you are about a promotion. Also, be realistic about your capabilities. Are you a reliable worker? Are you representing the company well enough to advance? Have you mastered your current position?

My first suggestion would be to write a professional note to your Supervisor stating your concerns and asking to have a meeting. At the meeting you can discuss your concerns.  They can provide you feedback on what you need to improve upon and if you can expect advancement soon. If that does not go well it is time to look outside of the corporation. There is no need to waste valuable time when you are not happy or growing. Remember the corporation that you work for will always look out for their best interest. Therefore, you have to make the best choice for you and your lifestyle. So if you feel stagnant and desire growth it is time for change.

It’s My Birthday!

Today is November 13, 2017 and I am 32 years old. There will never be another day like this and I am truly enjoying the change God has brought into my life. Some good changes, some unexpected changes and some huge plot twist. I woke up this morning and I was honest with myself. I decided it was time for a change and that I was the one to make it. No more excuses about the cards that life had dealt me. It was time to play the cards and win. I am a walking success and I have to claim the greatness God has placed before me.

I have been blessed with many talents and most of them I have hid due to insecurities. Others talents I just took for granted. Then of course, there were the talents that I  used when they were convenient for me. However, ignoring the gifts that the Most High gives to you is a form of disrespect. There is no higher respect than the respect that I have for my Creator. So going forth I am required to show my appreciation and honor for his gifts.

Most of us question why we are not happy. Happiness is truly a choice and I realized that I have been existing rather than living. I decided for my birthday I would give myself the gift of living through enjoying my life and pursuing my purpose. Not waking up and going through the motions, but waking up and living for a reason other than paying bills and required responsibilities. I no longer want to live only out of guilt that my children need me around. Obviously, I am still alive so I have a special mission to accomplish. I could have been killed many times, but I was offered the gift of life and it is up to me to live. It is up to me to be happy and to be a blessing to others.

My purpose is to help, inspire and encourage others. My gift is through writing and my voice.  Going to college was my security blanket just in case my dream did not work. However, what is meant to be will always come back around. Although, I am proud of my college degrees and certifications; I understand that there is a deeper burning desire inside of me. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about writing. I envision encouraging other moms to live their lives, raise their children, have financial freedom and pursue their dreams. For my birthday I made an oath to dedicate the rest of my life perfecting my talents. I will also enjoy a fulfilled life as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, grandmother, cousin, motivator, and so forth.  Yet, most of all as a vessel from the Most High utilizing to my full potential the power he invested within me.

From the Desk of

Tahnee Cole “The Mommy Motivator”

Teaching Financial Wellness

I have always had a passion for teaching strangers and my family the importance of budgets, investments, financial wellness and ultimately achieving financial freedom. After finally transitioning from a Corporate Accountant to a Financial Advisor, I knew it was time to follow my passion and to specifically target moms like me. However, not only did I want to educate and train moms on how to financially sustain themselves successfully. I also wanted to show them how to raise financial savvy kids. My financial education is geared to shed light on my mistakes and triumphs. My goal was to also help motivate them to educate their children on healthy money habits early. I remember sitting down with my daughter explaining to her my credit report. It was very uncomfortable at first because it reminded me of an adult report card. I had given her a raise in her allowance, but it was time to go into further depth about the purpose of financial wellness.

I want to share with you some of the tools I use to teach my children about money. My most common practices are as follows:

  1. Budget– My life did not get better until I put myself on a strict budget. It is amazing how much frivolous spending that you can engage in if you do not monitor your cash flow properly. My first financial lesson started with sitting down with my children and explaining to them my budget. I am the type of mom to give in to the store wants that my children seem to have daily. A part of me likes to live life like it is my last, the other part is a strict saver. Having a budget bridges the gaps of my two extremes.  I explain to them that we can have abundance, we can buy the things we desire; however, we also need to save and spend our money in places that will benefit us in the present and the future. My daughter is put on a budget when she receives her allowance. She is now apprehensive about spending all her money at one time.
  2. Reality Check – I explain to my children real life. The most effective way in my household is to make them contribute in a creative way.  We all have bills. I do not know anyone who gets an entire check to spend on their wants. If you know someone kudos to them. However, most people have to contribute a portion of their earnings to their cost of living.  My daughter does chores and she receives allowance. However, now that she is older and wanted a cell phone, she is required to give a small portion of her allowance back just for her phone bill. I in return put the money in a savings account for her. There are many ways to show them real life money skills this is just a very straightforward way to show her how to pay for bills.
  3. Saving games – Monopoly was taught to Heaven from a family friend, but it is a great tool to discuss money. It is always handy to keep a piggy bank around. Or maybe even striving to save a certain amount per day or per week. A savings account is a great start for your children who want to save for their personal wants or even towards their future. My daughters favorite saving game is for every “A” she gets, I agreed to contribute $5 dollars to her savings account. She will later be able to use the money to buy what she wants.
  4. Don’t be embarrassed– Show them your credit report, tell them your mistakes, share with them your cash flow. Don’t be ashamed of your current financial circumstance. Most parents want what is best for their children. The best way is to be candid and keep it real.
  5. Start them Young– My son is two but I also teach him how to save. Stop thinking when they get older I will explain to them the importance of money. Molding their mindset is best started earlier in life. We should get our children in the habit of understanding how to create a better life and financial future for themselves. My son may be young, but he has his own savings account. He also knows exactly what it means to earn a dollar. Matter of fact, his favorite song is written by recording rap artist 21 Savage called Bank Account.

What ways are you teaching your children about financial wellness?