12 Days of Blogmas Day 1: THE POLAR EXPRESS

This year I am participating in Vlogmas on YouTube, which is 25 days of posting in December. However, I decided to do only 12 days of Blogmas which is every other day in December until Christmas day.

Today is December 1, 2017. Today my children and I are going to kick off Dec 1 right. We will bundle in our pajamas this evening and go to one of our favorite Christmas events called the Polar Express. The event is hosted at the Barnes and Nobles bookstore. A bookstore Associate dresses up like a Conductor and reads the book “Polar Express” written by Chris Van Allsburg to the children. The children are encouraged to wear their pajamas. The pajamas creates a more cozy atmosphere as if they are one of the characters leaving their bed to visit Santa during the middle of the night.  I personally love this more than the actual train ride. I usually sit in the corner on my computer and work while the Children are entertained. They get to play with the interactive props and then have hot cocoa, cookies and cake.

The Polar Express was one of my favorite book growing up. I remember my daddy first reading the book to me as a young child. The part that really stood out to me in book was the significance of the bell. When the main character of the story met Santa he wanted a bell to remind himself that he was in Santa’s presence. He lost the bell on his way home, but Santa found it and returned it to him. He found it on Christmas morning wrapped in a small box under his tree. He and his sister heard the beautiful ringing, but their parents could not. As his sister got older she no longer heard it. However, he still believed and remembered his magical encounter with Santa so he always heard the beautiful sound. The bell represented the faith they had. They believed so they were able to hear the ringing, but as their faith diminished so did the sound of the bell.

As I write this post, I reflect on how as a child I had so much faith just like the young characters in the book.  As I got older I needed an explanation for everything and my faith had slowly decreased.  My innocent perspective on life and goodness had been corrupted from bad experiences and doubt. However, looking at life through the eyes of my little ones I am always rejuvenated. Through them I am able to have a more positive view when life looks a mess. Therefore, I usually manifest more positive results regardless of the circumstances. So the Polar Express always reminds me to keep the faith and I will always hear the beautiful sound of hope!

Happy Blogmas Bloggers!!!

-Tahnee Cole


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