12 Days of Blogmas Day 3: Holiday Duties


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I made an error and schedule Day 3 Blog on Day 4. So there will be two blog post today. However, the show must keep going. This is my first year being apart of Blogmas and I am enjoying it all. The good, the crazy and the mistakes!

Today I want to talk about Holiday Play Dates. So my friend and I were discussing how we really need to get the kids together during or around the Holiday season, but then we agreed it was too busy around this time. However, I thought of a great idea. We could use the Holiday season play dates to double as convenient shared babysitting. We could then take turns getting all of the stuff we need to get done. She can drop the kids with me while she does her Holiday shopping or house cleaning. I can do my usual crafting with the kids and then we can take turns. The children will be so busy entertaining each other and engaging in fun activities they won’t even notice our brief absence. Busy parents can utilize this time to get things done around the Holiday such as: cleaning, shopping, running errands or even just a nap. I am going to use my time to meet up with Santa to discuss exactly when he will be dropping off the gifts! Do you have a reliable parent that you can exchange Holiday play date shifts with?


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