12 Days of Blogmas Day 5: Seasons Greetings During a Stressful Season

It is funny how we smile and pretend that Christmas is the most joyous time of the year. Yes, it is a wonderful time, but it is also a time that brings on a lot of stress. Gift giving can turn into a competition or even a financial burden.

Out of town trips can be tiresome and expensive. Christmas even makes some realize how lonely or unhappy they actually are. Joint custody becomes more noticeable. While a deceased or missing family member is mourned three times as much as usual. Yet, we are expected to smile, sing Christmas songs and eat cookies.

Yes, I love Christmas, but I refuse to be fake about my emotions. I spend a lot of time doing activities with the children. Most of the time it compensates for the mixed emotions I feel about the Holiday. I am not a small child waiting on Santa to drop me off a ton of gifts. I am now the parent and the responsibility rest on me.

I never knew my perspective of the Holiday would change so much over the years.  Even though I get sheer joy out of providing all the gifts my children want; I can’t deny that most of the time I love seeing the Holiday over.

I even try to focus on the fact that it is about Jesus Christ. Yet it is hard to focus on that when now most people argue that this particular day is not even about him. However, if you take the children to see Santa you are criticized for taking attention from the true meaning of the Holiday season. Some even go as far to say that Santa actually means Satan.

It seems like every positive aspect you look at about Christmas, there is always some issue trying to prevent pure happiness. Then there is life in general, causing us to shift our view of the Holiday. Life can bring on so many challenges and changes that it is hard to focus on the goodness and Holiday cheer.

Despite everything going on, I have been choosing to smile. I have been spending my time focusing on what this Holiday means to me personally. Being true about my emotions and focusing on my self care and self reflection. I am choosing to reflect on the good in my life. I am taking it easy and remembering that this season is about giving more than receiving.

This season is about celebrating the memories of the love ones who are gone. This Season for me is celebrating the birth of my Savior. I will spend my Christmas season spending time with my family without materialistic focus.

I will spend more time enjoying our family traditions without focusing on the opinions of others or their personal beliefs.  Lastly, this season is also about me remembering that time is passing and that another year is approaching. Reminding me that life is short and time is precious. Seasons Greetings!

Tahnee Cole


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