12 Days of Blogmas Day 6: Motivation in December

So maybe all your plans for 2017 did not happen exactly the way you had planned. You did not reach your desired weight. Your business is not popping like your fellow Instagram Entrepreneurs and you still work at the job that you hate. It is very tempting now to just eat the whole bag of Christmas cookies and give up on your goals. You might as well forget about exercise right? Wait until January to get things right, huh? Hell to the no! Now its ok to have a Christmas cookie or two, but mama you have had damn near fifteen cookies. Put those damn cookies down and get some fresh air. Breath, meditate and think! There will be a big difference next year if you continue to persevere. So what if it is that last month of the year. Save the best for last. You seriously had 31 days this Month and 744 hours; however, today is December 11, so you have 21 days and 504 hours left.  That is more than enough time to make an impact on your future. So let’s keep the momentum up and step it up. The new year is approaching!

Here is my MOTIVATION for you!

START NOW– Remember starting now is better than Later. It is easy to procrastinate and put things off later. The later that you start the later you will reach your desired destination. You have goals to achieve so it is time to put everything in perspective and act now.

REWARDS– It will feel so good when you start checking off your goal list. It will feel great when you start to see your abundance manifest. If you do not start now then you will not see any change and there will be no rewards. We want REWARDS! We want REWARDS!


FRESH START– Remember when we could not wait to get our new school supplies. New notebooks made us anxious to take notes in class. Remember? LOL Well it is the same with life. That fresh start will bring out a certain happiness and anxiousness to start. Just do not lose momentum like most people do after January rolls around and their results are not immediate.



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