12 Days of Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Eve

Hey everyone it is Christmas Eve! Time to make Christmas cookies, finish wrapping gifts, drink hot cocoa, and get ready for Santa.

I spoke to Santa and he told me he would be on time this year due to the mild weather. I was glad to hear from the big guy so we will leave him four big chocolate chip cookies.

I love Christmas Eve because of the excitement everyone feels. This Christmas Eve my kids will be working on a play that I will be recording. I was so excited because it was their idea. They made their own creative speeches and costumes. They will be singing all the popular Christmas songs and acting out various scenes from Christmas movies. I thought it was pretty neat watching my kids use their own creative energy to make their own Christmas show. This might be a Christmas Eve tradition we pass down years to come. What are some of your Christmas Eve traditions and plans?


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