Millennial Moms are Creating Entrepreneurs

I like the sound of it...Millennial Mom! Sounds real new age and savvy. Well that is what they call me. I am a mom born in the early 80's raising children during the "New Millennium".  I am a mom who can relate to my children in a unique way. I can shop in a store and online. I can … Continue reading Millennial Moms are Creating Entrepreneurs


Do you suffer from Super Bitch Mom Syndrome? The Symptoms are as follows: Competing with other moms when it comes to mommy duties and your kid's accomplishments. You even embellish things to make you seem like a better mom. Complaining about not having any help, but when people offer you decline. Of course you do because you are Super … Continue reading SBMS


So I was speaking to a mom the other day, a new mom who has never worked in an office.  She worked in retail and recently at a hair care supply store. She asked me exactly what Business Professional was... I gave her the side eye...    Well only because I had never met anyone who NEVER … Continue reading BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL STYLED MAMA?