Committed to a Goal

My daughter truly inspires me! She is a mini, better and more improved version of me. The child who always speaks positivity over all situations. The little girl who wants everybody to get along. My little social butterfly. My Heaven! I speak a lot on my blog about commitment and sticking to goals. It is important to … Continue reading Committed to a Goal


Do you suffer from Super Bitch Mom Syndrome? The Symptoms are as follows: Competing with other moms when it comes to mommy duties and your kid's accomplishments. You even embellish things to make you seem like a better mom. Complaining about not having any help, but when people offer you decline. Of course you do because you are Super … Continue reading SBMS


So I was speaking to a mom the other day, a new mom who has never worked in an office.  She worked in retail and recently at a hair care supply store. She asked me exactly what Business Professional was... I gave her the side eye...    Well only because I had never met anyone who NEVER … Continue reading BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL STYLED MAMA?