Hello to all my Readers!!! If you are reading this then it means you made it to 2018. 

Last year, I decided to come up with a list of “17 Parent Resolutions” in honor of 2017. However, this year I wanted to focus on a truly new beginning. Beginning the journey of motherhood can be an amazing feeling, but also filled with anxiety. Most moms have a desire to provide their children with the best life has to offer. At the same time they are trying to fit into society standards of “Supermom”. Supermoms cook the best, are on top of their careers, snaps back into their pre-baby body, can make every DIY project on Pinterest, and keep their man happy. Yet honestly, it is just not that easy. I don’t care how easy the mommy bloggers or Instagram moms make it look, motherhood is challenging.  

I wrote this blog to encourage all you new moms not to put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy motherhood and be the best you can be. I came up with a list of 5 tips to help all new moms navigate “New Mommy Life” with less anxiety. 

1. Prepare but beware-  Do not think that you are going to follow all your preparations and plans. I am not saying that preparing is unnecessary, but I am suggesting that you will be changing plans a lot. The bed you planned on the newborn sleeping in may not be where he\she is most comfortable. Your back to a workaholic days may change and now you have a desire to spend more time with your baby. Be open- minded and realize that only time will tell.

2. Take it or leave It-  Advice will come from everyone especially when you are a new mom. Horror stories about labor, advice on crying babies, co-sleeping myths, all the way down to when you should have another child. Some moms find themselves frustrated with the overwhelming advice from these so called “expert moms” . However, take the useful advice and leave the advice that is not beneficial. Try not to let it bother you because ultimately you will make the decisions for your family.

3. Learning is Continuous- This goes with #2 because all of those moms giving you advice are still learning. None of us are perfect. I can assure you that even though I have been a mother for a decade, I still learn something new everyday. I still take advice and I read parenting books very often. You will constantly learn throughout your motherhood journey.

4. Stop Comparing- All of these standard moms can be stressful. You will find yourself wanting to be a career driven and educated mom. While at the same time creative like the blogger moms. You are expected to be in shape, but still the Queen of baking. Not to mention still expected to be sexy like a Victoria Secret model. Once you start comparing yourself it will never be good enough for you. No mom is or will ever be perfect. You have unique gifts as a mom to offer, use them and stop comparing yourself. 

5. Enjoy the Moment- The days are long, but the years are short. Even your most frustrating days should be celebrated. These days will not last. When your little ones are begging to be held please pick them up. One day you will long for that cuddle and they will be away from home pursuing their passions. Then you will just have to wait to get your cuddles from your grandchildren. LOL! Time flies! 

So to all my moms enjoy your 2018!

To my new moms be proud of yourself and the best of motherhood Luck, Love and Peace!

Love Tahnee Cole


4 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW MOM YEAR!

  1. Couldn’t of send it any better 100percent correct I also have 2childen so sometimes when given advice feel under pressure and don’t need too… Any mum does not have to take it on board 😉

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