Committed to a Goal

My daughter truly inspires me! She is a mini, better and more improved version of me.

The child who always speaks positivity over all situations.

The little girl who wants everybody to get along. My little social butterfly. My Heaven!

I speak a lot on my blog about commitment and sticking to goals. It is important to not only create goals, but to take action steps to do what we desire to do. All my positive encouraging words has not gone unheard, because my children are proving to me daily that they desire to be successful.

After the first quarter report card my daughter made the Merit roll by a few points per her GPA. Although, I was proud of her because she had transitioned to a new school, a new environment and endured a couple of  bullies. She was not satisfied. She is definitely my child because we are not satisfied with just anything.  Like her mom she wants the best.

Her goal was to bring up her GPA so that she would be on the Honor Roll. Yesterday she got her report card and she is on the Honor roll.  I was happy at the fact that she had stayed committed to a goal. We had increased her studying time, her reading time and she stuck to it daily. There were days she complained, but she persevered. Now she is reaping the good results from her strategic plan and hard work. This showed that following a strategy is always a great way to be more successful.

To say the least I am a very proud mom. Congrats Heaven and keep striving for the best!

Are you teaching your children how to stay committed to their goals?


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