Yeah don’t let those sweet faces fool you. Those two. Yeah my two. “Jeremey put that down right now!” “Heaven don’t get an attitude!” “Clean your room!” “No!” “No you can’t have another fruit snack before dinner!” ” I don’t care if you stomp your feet!” “Keep your hands to yourself!” “Dammit!”  “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Just aContinue reading “THE TWO’s”

THIS IS SO US… (Nothing perfect about this pic) LOL

The fresh aroma of Spring flowers is so refreshing. My children and I are dressed in mint green, white and lavender attire for our seasonal family pictures.  This natural shot says it all! My little family shows that we are not perfect,  but we are perfect for each other. We compliment each other so well. Hey Readers. I missedContinue reading “THIS IS SO US… (Nothing perfect about this pic) LOL”