Yeah don’t let those sweet faces fool you. Those two. Yeah my two.

“Jeremey put that down right now!”

“Heaven don’t get an attitude!”

“Clean your room!”


“No you can’t have another fruit snack before dinner!”

” I don’t care if you stomp your feet!”

“Keep your hands to yourself!”



Just a little dialogue from my house lately. I thought I was going to go crazy the other day. My house has been going through the “Two Blues”. My son is in his terrible twos which started a little late, so Lord please bless his number 3. And my daughter has hit the 2 digit age and she is starting to get a bit sassy. Jesus be a fence and please grab the wheel becasue I am about to crash. When a working mom comes home from work the last thing she wants to do is yell all evening. Unfortunately, I have been finding myself yell and complain until it is bedtime and then I am exhausted up finishing half done chores, putting up wasted dinner and going to bed to do it all over again. While contemplating on getting in my car and not returning (joking). During the Spring the kids and I usually spend a lot of time outdoors. So maybe once this weather finally breaks and we get into some activities we will break up the monotony. Wish me luck…


From A Stressed out Working MOM of 2


2 thoughts on “THE TWO’s

  1. Tahnee you are a wonderful beautiful mom and I have two of the most beautiful and wonderful grandchildren in the world. Keep doing what you do. I love all three of you so very much.


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