Sometimes there is a big funky elephant in the room. Instead of ignoring him, it is better to wash him down or kick his ass out.

I am a pretty outgoing person, passive aggressive and known to be reserve when I want.  I always attract a new friend no matter where I go. I am not the girl who can blend in the crowd. However, that can be a gift and a curse.

Working in Corporate America, I have learned a lot. Most of the personal things I learned were due to mistakes that I made. Getting too personal with people that you work with can be a huge issue. It can even ruin your professional reputation and stunt your career growth.

I was asked my opinion about hanging out with coworkers after hours and I was conflicted in my feelings. Apart of me loves having friends and would never want to shun a good friend away just because we work together. However, I know the dangers of having bad on the job relationships; whether, romantic or platonic.

We spend a great deal of time with our coworkers but… when is too much? Getting too frisky, having too many drinks, sharing too many of your babydaddy and babymama stories or inviting folks over to your home? Then trying to maintain professional balance. Happy hour is nice, but what about when the relationship is not so happy anymore? Or when you get a promotion and you are now the Superior? Or when you leaked your personal business to the unknown Blabbermouth Betty who you thought was your Buddy? It is unavoidable to develop bonds with people you are around all day, but just be cautious and set boundaries. Don’t give out too much of your personal business and definitely steer clear of bashing your other coworkers, or the company your work for. The bad things you say about the corporation seems to always mysteriously travel. LOL

I honestly vowed at my next company that I would participate in work functions, have healthy fun relationships with my coworkers, but maintain a level of respect, mystery and professionalism.

What do you think?

-From A Harding Working MOM


4 thoughts on “WORK FRIENDS

  1. I tend to keep my private life separate from work. It’s more because of the environment than a rule. In my previous job I had many close friends who were coworkers.


  2. So I recently learned a valuable lesson. While its seemingly natural for workplace relationships to continue outside the job, insight into ones personal life gives opportunity for jealousy. I experienced this. When relationships were left at eating lunch together everything was great but when something as small as the exchange of social media took place, jealous soon followed. In short I’d say workplace relationships should stay at the workplace until a great deal of time has passed, thus allowing the opportunity to really get to know the other party.


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