I have never been the type of person to give up. However, my ambition, perseverance, and desire to be successful has increased. I  attribute that to my children. They are the faces I see at the end of my tunnel. I imagine them cheering me on like the fans do LeBron James on the court. I always think of how disappointed they would be if I don’t be the best person I was designed to be. I picture the look on their faces if I give up.  I am their first example. I am a household leader and their role model. And obviously if I treat  myself or others poorly there is a  chance they will do the same.  Now does that mean put unrealistic goals and pressure on myself? No, it means I can show my kids that I’m a human and not without error, but everyday I am striving and seeking to live the life I desire. Achieving the goals I want to achieve. As well as living the life I want to live. Enjoying life and molding them into individuals who seek purpose, balance and true happiness.

Being a mother has taught me not only a lot about how to treat others, but how to treat myself. Leading my children to be successful means I must first take care of myself. I think of the countless sacrifices my mom made from my birth leading me into adulthood. Some days I wished she would have focused on some of her dreams and deepest desires. If you ask her, she will say she would not change a thing and that all the sacrifices was worth it. She is another reason I refuse to give up. I am very thankful to have had a mother who supported me as a child and still supports me as an adult. It shows that despite our children’s age a moms job is truly never complete. I had an awesome example and I am satisfied if I am half the mother to my children, my mom was to me.

With that being said Happy Mothers Day to all my Mamas, biological, step, foster, etc.  Plus a special prayer to moms who have loss a child, or people who have loss their mom.

Love your Motivated Mama

-Tahnee Cole


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