Happy Birthday!!!

My son is 3 today! I am so grateful to be his mom. He came into my life and gave me the passion to follow my dreams in a totally different way. He gave me the passion to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit.

I had an extremely rough pregnancy with morning “all day” sickness for months, along with sciatica, low blood pressure, and many other issues.  However, I still managed to have a healthy baby boy weighing 7lbs 15oz. My pregnancy with him made me reflect on how determined I wanted to see the fruits of my labor, my baby boy. Despite the painful and hard circumstances I was committed.  It took perseverance to survive such a rough and life threatening pregnancy. Especially while working for corporate America, because there is so much pressure for high performance regardless of your physical or mental state. Plus, I was already a mom to my six year daughter.  I look back and I am proud I was able to withstand such challenging times.

After all the suffering, I realized anything is possible. I know that after every storm there will be sunshine. I also know that hard-work does pay off.  I can live the life I desire and be more free to raise my children. I was inspired by my son to make changes in my life, the same way my daughter had motivated me to finish college when she was born. I truly thank him for being such a strong force in my life. Happy Birthday Jr. you have no idea how much you push mommy to greatness! ❤️


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