Mom-ing After All That…

I felt extremely overwhelmed. It seemed like disappointment on top of disappointment.

How in the hell did I make that mistake?

I had been working on this project all week. I had ran the numbers and even looked at my goal board on my cubicle wall. It was great at reminding me of everything I needed to get accomplished for the day and the remainder of the week. I was for sure that I had finished every step.  I am the epitome of a perfectionist. My work represents me so I am compelled to put my best foot forward. However, due to the overwhelming workload it seemed like my best would only fall under a 97.5%. That was not sufficient for me. Now the underachievers would probably be satisfied.  They might think that a 97% in the accounting world could equate to a 97% in school, and that would still be an “A”. Unlikely in Corporate and accuracy is a must.  Today I had fallen short. So would that impact my mental all day? Or was I capable of accepting the loss, making a goal to do better and moving on with my day?

It seems difficult to do when a bad experience can set the tone for the entire day. It seems like negative energy just breeds more negative energy. You wake up late, the coffee spills on your blouse and then you have a horrible day at work. Something like the Domino effect, everything keeps falling down.  Then you have to still do something else….

Be a MOM!  

I can’t allow my mood to make them have a bad day too. Now does this mean that I can’t have a bad day? Of course not…but I had to learn ways to cope through days where life was just not 100%. The days where my best foot at work was not enough.

Let me tell you a few things that I do…

1. Order in or go out  Not having to cook on days that you feel lousy sure in the hell helps. You can sit your butt down and regroup. Also, going to a restaurant can lighten the mood. There is a certain essence being in the restaraunt brings that helps you relax. You are able to get served and you around other people who are also enjoying the same energy. You can kick back, smile and enjoy family time.  Make sure you put away the phones!

2. Get out in nature– I always switch my energy by doing something fun with the kids. We usually go to watch an outdoor movie,  go swimming or to the park.  Nature always gives you the good vibrations and energy that you need to rejuvenate your Spirit.

3. Take a bath or shower– On most days I suggest that my kids take off their school or summer camp clothes and wash off their germs. It relaxes them and gets them ready for dinner and bed. I love coming home, stripping off my clothes and showering. It is the best thing after a stressful day.

4. Focus on the Positive–  My children and I discuss the best part of our day, it helps me focus on what was positive for the day. Focusing on the positive helps you understand that despite a stressful day something good still surfaced.

5. Meditation/Prayer– We have an altar at home where we put our prayer intentions and we thank God for all of our blessings. I think it is very important to shift your negative energy and leave your burdens to the Most High. It works every single time!

And finally…

6. Exercise/Yoga- My children and I play a Yoga card game a few times during the week. We take walks and jog around the neighborhood.  I also exercise independently to work off the stressors of life. It not only helps with stress, but to maintain a healthier heart, mind and body!

What are some things that you do?









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