The “Mommy Industry” or should I say the “Millennial Mommy Industry” has done great things for moms all over the globe.

We are taught how to look perfect on Instagram with the glamorous makeup tutorials. The perfect moms get together and make videos on how to get our bodies to snap back seconds after labor (even those like me who suffered from diastasis recti).

We are instructed how to cook the  healthy wholesome meals without being tired after a long day of work. We are often taught how to ditch our day job and travel with our kids, while homeschooling and making a ton of money.

We are told that we can become instant “successful” entrepreneurs, raise perfect kids, satisfy husbands and have a well-balanced social life. Moms of this generation are expected to keep the home spotless, know how to do the latest dances, excel in our careers, maintain our mental health and the list goes on and on…

How sway?  

Oh yeah and we end each night with mediation and prayer. Following an one hour work out routine after drinking 8 tall glasses of water effortlessly!  Yes, it sounds like I am exaggerating and most of us would probably rather replace that water with eight glasses of wine.

However, if you look at social media and compare how you think your life should be opposed to how it is, depression is sure to follow. Which is why many moms suffer from anxiety.

This is not to say that we should not use these tips and tricks to progress. Many of these practices work and have been proven to enhance lives, but you have to crawl before you walk. You have to set goals and make sure not to over-work yourself.

We are not perfect. We must remember to create our own ideal life according to our unique family structure. Another moms way of life can be inspiring, but remember to make it your own.

I know a ton of moms who suffer from anxiety and not from just parenting itself, but from trying to live up to the standards that the media has placed before them. A mom puts up a post of her kid’s straight “A” report card, and many other moms feel forced to do the same. Yet, is it less desirable to brag on the A’s B, and C’s your child earned? Even if your child worked extremely hard for the grades she/her earned?  Does that make you less of a parent?

The need to constantly compete and compare ourselves especially as moms has become a sickness and huge reason why moms suffer tremendously from anxiety and depression.

Instead of so many Gurus and Influencers forcing “how to be a perfect mom” on our millennial mom generation, we need to focus on  individuality. We need to fuel the importance of building our moms to be confident, secure and seek the balance they need to survive in this constant changing society. We are all different. We all have an unique purpose!


A MOM who admits she does not know it all…

A previous sufferer of Anxiety

-Tahnee Cole


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