Millennial Moms Think Different

I am not afraid of winning or losing anymore. Probably because nine times out of ten I am winning, and the things that are gone are no longer beneficial to me. I have replaced them with better. My mind has changed and my energy has changed. I represent the Millennial Mom who teaches her children a totally new way. And yes, I embrace the awkward and uncomfortable feeling it brings. Yet, it is not as unpopular as it use to be. Keep in mind that good morals and integrity is still taught. However, most “Millennial Moms” are guiding our children into financial freedom, teaching them about self care, entrepreneurship, free thinking and self development.

The old “American Dream” is nothing other than a nightmare for most. We demand more. We demand more for our children. Quite frankly, we desire more for our parents. We want to give them a glimpse of our “better life” approach before they perish. We want to show them how our formulas for life, and our ideas would have freed them from the bondage their minds had them trapped in many years ago. We want to show everyone a way out of limited thinking. We desire to show and prove that abundance is possible and necessary. We are encouraging flourishing.

Millennial moms are teaching our children that the only way out is to understand that there is a way out. There is no one way, there are many ways. The ultimate way to freedom is to understand that there is freedom. The only way to success, is to understand and to believe that you can achieve it. It all starts in the mind. We are not the same moms from the past. In no way am I degrading the thoughts and minds of the moms of the past. I am sure they also wanted the best. The millennial moms are just able to understand that times are changing and we are growing with them. We want different, we think different!

From a Millennial Mom with goals…

Tahnee L. Cole