I thought I would start Halloween off with a funny story. So my kids love dressing alike for Halloween.  No, I didn’t force them. They decided after looking at Jeremey’s poster in his room that they would be Superman and Wonder Woman.


So of course, I went to Halloween City and found them matching outfits. Now it was time to decide where we would go to celebrate. The temperature around Halloween can be very tricky. Last year, it was very hot the week we celebrated and the kids were able to show their costumes and enjoy outdoor fun at our local  Zoo. This year the weather seemed like it would be a lot cooler. Well, we happened to find a decent 50 degree evening and we went to a local Candy Crawl.  It is a neighborhood event close to my dads home. The kids are invited to walk down a strip with local bakeries and boutiques. The store owners come out and pass the kids candy. It was an awesome event.

While Heaven, Jeremey and I were walking,  Jeremey was saying, “there better not be another Superman here, I am the only Superman.”

He was so serious that I was afraid that if he did see another Superman he would challenge them to a battle.

Every time we would see a red and blue costume he would stop. Then he would proceed to ask,  “is that someone trying to be me, Superman?”

Fortunately, for them it would be a Spider-Man costume. To make a long story short we did not see any other Superman costumes. I was very happy. I didn’t want Lj to activate any of his Superman powers and cause a commotion.

We did see another Wonder Woman, but she was more than half Heaven’s age.  Perhaps due to the age difference she was safe…

From A humorous mom with equally humorous kids

-Tahnee Cole

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