#MOMGOALS with Tahnee Cole

Every so often, I will dedicate a post to a significant professional mom who is setting and smashing goals.  I decided to jumpstart this week off with me.

I am Tahnee Cole, the founder and blogger of Black Pumps Pink Slippers. I dedicate this blog platform to build a community for all my career driven moms across the world.

A little about me… blog family pic

I am a millennial mom of two. A tween daughter and a preschool age son.

My professional journey started in 2009, after I graduated from Ursuline College. Ursuline is a predominately female and private college in Ohio. I went straight into the financial industry. I started in banking, then I branched off into commercial real estate doing corporate accounting. My early accounting career focused more on accounts receivable and collections. Now, I currently working as an Analyst in the food and beverage industry. My current Analyst role involves creating and researching data analysis, studying trends, driving dollars and making recommendations for the growth and improvement of a company. I help manage keeping down debt and improving profits.

I have about 9 years of experience in the financial industry. My current goal is to use my expertise and start consulting. I want to start a small business, preparing budget proposals for personal clients. My goal is to work with small businesses and later contract with large companies improving wealth and profit management.

One piece of advice I would give to working moms is to:  Have patience with yourself.  Never feel like you have to rush the process. It is ok to want to improve, but give yourself time to grow and evolve. Also, make sure that you are taking a moment to enjoy your life with you family and friends, especially your kiddies!

Tahnee’s Thoughts: Satisfied?

I was romantically involved with a man who questioned would I ever be satisfied.



He would joke about my lack of contentment. Saying that no matter what goals I smashed, or new endeavors I engaged in I wanted more. Leading him to believe that I will also grow tired of our relationship. He made these comments to the point that I began to combat his comments with insults.

On the defense, I began opposing his stagnation and lack of initiative. Am I lacking contentment or are you just way too damn comfortable?  Perhaps, you are too comfortable in a job that has no security. Plus, way too comfortable living mediocre.  It is safe to say that relationship did not last long. LOL

However, I stand firm in believing that it is quite alright to desire and to have a hunger for more. We are designed to grow, change and to evolve. What is life without actually seeing what you can accomplish, while contributing our gifts to the world? I believe that not being my best self and attaining more would be an insult to my Creator and I’m not ok with that.

I can’t say for sure when I will feel content. I like to think that day will arrive when I know my great, great grandkids are financially and emotionally wealthy. Until that day arrives, I will be setting goals, smashing them and setting up new heights for me to reach.

From a Mom, that desires more…

-Tahnee Cole

A Birthday Letter to Me…

Dear Tahnee,

I want to apologize to you for ever doubting you. I want to say sorry for abusing your body. I apologize for the part I played, helping you engage in mindless intimate connections to recover from pain from your ex (exes).

I want to say sorry for the days I starved you, over-working you for a company who could care less where your next meal comes from. Then I had the audacity to make you feel bad, for asking for that raise that you rightfully deserved.

I am sorry for not speaking up for you the times someone trying to degrade you.  I am sorry for putting pressure on you to live up to societies standards of beauty.

Tahnee, I am so sorry for not helping you end early, situations and people who did not have your best interest at heart. I apologize to you for making you feel guilty for going to work. I know that you have to take care of your children.

I am sorry for making you feel like you have to be so great that you can’t feel pain. I have been bashing you when you are weak and telling you to toughen up.

I am sorry for not patting you on the back for all that you have accomplished. 

I am so sorry Tahnee.  

From this day forward, I vow to TRUST you. I promise to STAND by you. I promise to HELP you NEVER settle. I promise to be there when you are SUCCESSFUL and when you fail. I promise to go on this journey with you; LOVING you and APPRECIATING you for better and for worse. I LOVE you Tahnee and I FORGIVE you.  Happy birthday!

-From Tahnee Cole

Tahnee’s Thoughts: My Success

I was never a girl who planned a wedding…

Yet, I have always dreamed of being successful. Apparently, marriage was not my model for success. I think marriage can be a beautiful union if the interests are genuine and the love is mutual.

However, the epitome of success to me is someone being their best self. Success to me is reaching all of your personal goals while maintaining your personal values.  I started working for corporate America when I was 22 years young.  Every company I have ever worked for has a set of core values. I used those core values to determine if that company and I would be a good fit. As well as, a benchmark for my own life. What are their core values, my morals and my standards of success? And how will that correlate with me achieving my personal and professional goals? Those are the questions I ask myself.  Those are the thoughts I have when I observe and measure whether or not I am living a successful life.

As long as, I do not let anything manipulate my values while trying to reach my goals; I am content with my life path. A companion or partner would be fine, but it will never validate me or interfere with my relevance, self esteem or dignity.

From a Mom Who Values Herself… Her Morals… Her Standards… Her Individuality

Tahnee Cole,

Blogger & Founder of Black Pumps Pink Slippers