I talked to A Mom Exotic Dancer…

Harsh judgement came off the tongues from mostly moms. I asked a group of moms what they thought about Stripper Moms. I got a few eye rolls. I was surprised too because most moms understand the struggles that come with providing for kids. Especially single moms and especially when you have more than one child.Continue reading “I talked to A Mom Exotic Dancer…”

#MOMGOALS with Tahnee Cole: Chynita Kirkman

I know this beautiful mom personally, but I never knew she was struggling with anxiety. It is funny how we know people by face, but we do not know their struggle or their journey. Because of that, we are sometimes judgemental of one another. Not on this platform. My blog is to uplift, inspire andContinue reading “#MOMGOALS with Tahnee Cole: Chynita Kirkman”

Happy International Women’s Day

Today, I think of everything I have faced as a woman. Surprisingly, I have no shame when it comes to my struggles. Every setback. Every challenge. Every single “NO”. Every single time I was called a ᗷITᑕᕼ. Every single time I was discredited and belittled. I survived. My head still held high. I am resilient.Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”