#MOMGOALS with Tahnee Cole: Chynita Kirkman

I know this beautiful mom personally, but I never knew she was struggling with anxiety. It is funny how we know people by face, but we do not know their struggle or their journey. Because of that, we are sometimes judgemental of one another.

Not on this platform.

My blog is to uplift, inspire and encourage moms. Letting them know, I got you girl. I understand.

Chynita Kirkman who is an Insurance Service Representative touched my heart with her transparency about her anxiety and depression. She is a single mom of two wonderful kids. She deals with the regular challenges that come along with being a working mom. Yet, she is also brave enough to be very transparent about her working on her anxiety issues. The same issue that has caused some people to hide in a corner and die. She is choosing to find ways to fight back.

“I had full medical work done only for the doctor to tell me I had panic disorder, depression and anxiety.” She said in a brief interview.

I felt her pain because I also suffered from panic disorder at one point. It was so bad at first that I use to think I was having a heart attack. I would also go to the doctor, they would run test and say that I was fine. There is nothing worse than someone telling you that you are ok, when you’re not.

Chynita went on to discuss that she opted to overlook all treatments at first, but realized that the treatments were going to help her. She decided that she wanted to gain control of her life and flourish in her career. I’m so glad that Chynita showed that seeking treatments or medication does not make you a failure. It shows that you are brave and are making an effort to help yourself.

I reached out to her after hearing about her therapy sessions. I was curious about how therapy was improving her life. I was also very proud that she was actually doing something to help her struggle. Some people are so afraid of therapy, but it is very beneficial. She discussed how she is working through her obstacles one day at a time. Chynita is a clear example that all moms have struggles, but she is living proof that she can handle anything. I’m so proud to know I have wonderful mom friends, living real lives.

Let’s celebrate and uplift this mom for her courage, her transparency and bless her journey. This mom is… #GOALS

From A Mom That Cares

-Tahnee Cole


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