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We have all become a bunch of Peeping Toms these days.  It is normal for an average person to scroll down their Instagram before they wash their own butt. Matter of fact, social media has damn near replaced the News. As soon as, a celebrity dies, I see RIP post going down the Facebook thread, and that usually confirms there was a loss.

Yet, the constant comparisons are at an all time high! The Gurus, Entrepreneurs, Socialites, Super fit Mamas and Couples, etc., that dominate the media market put so much pressure on people to stop enjoying their “normal life“. There has to be an escape from social standards and social media. If you do not, and you internalize those examples every single day. It is inevitable that you will began to hate your life. You will take for granted all that you have and want illusions. The truth is, we have no idea what another person is going through, despite their beautiful presentation. When the edits come off, the flaws are plain as day. When the facades fall off, you may decide that you would not trade your life for million dollars to have the life they live.

I am saying this to say, I will continue to take media breaks, recharge and spend time with my family. I enjoy sharing my life,  but I enjoy being authentic. I am so appreciative of the loyal readers who sent me messages about my blog absence. Part of that was to revamp my site and set it up for monetization, but also to take a break and ensure that I deliver to you quality material.  I did need time to recharge. I needed time to prioritize. I have been spending time practicing great “self care”, because I am worth it!

Going Forward, I do not anticipate taking such a long hiatus again, if I can help it. I will be blogging more often, but there will be moments when I have to take a break. A break from exposing every part of my life, without actually living and enjoying it. There are times, that your phone needs to be left alone; that is when the best memories are made. So just to let all know, I am doing well. The kids are growing and about to enjoy their summer fun. We are still here, we’re good. Thanks for asking!

Much Love, Peace and Light to all my Readers!

Tahnee Cole


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