Mommy Life: “Go Jr, Go!”

“Go Jr, Go. Run to the base. No that way. No that way. Yayyy!!”

That was the words that you heard out of my month every Tuesday and Thursday all Summer.

My baby boy was playing his first sport, T-ball. I was excited from the time we signed him up to the day he got his uniform. I would make sure after each game I would go home and bleach his white baseball uniform pants, only for them to get grass stains a few days later. Who cares though, my baby is apart of a team!

The coaches were great, the parents were supportive and most of all my baby boy was trying something new. It did not matter if he missed catching the ball or ran to the wrong base.  The mere fact that he was out in the field gave me so much joy.  I was thrilled about this experience. Which brings me to say, that you should always allow your children to try something new. Sports are great because it teaches discipline and skill. After each game, the kids were encouraged to compliment and shake hands with the opposing team, teaching them sportsmanship.

This past Saturday my son got his first T-ball medal. I told him I was proud of him and he replied, “Thanks Mom, I can’t wait to get my next medal.”

That made me smile…

That’s right Jr, your first of many medals and accomplishments!



2 thoughts on “Mommy Life: “Go Jr, Go!”

  1. Granny was so proud of her little man. L. J. you keep up the good work and know that your grandmother loves you so much. I am so proud of you. Keep believing in God you are right L. J. He does here you all the time.

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