Moms, I am an advocate for stepping up your professional brand.

You want to succeed. You want to do better, but you are unsure how… Well, you are a brand! You represent yourself! If you do not make yourself look good, no one else will. Here are my tips on how I made myself more marketable when I was looking for a career,  and what IContinue reading “Moms, I am an advocate for stepping up your professional brand.”

My baby boy changed my perspective. Here is how.

They say a child shall lead the way. My children always bring a different perspective to my daily thoughts. How they look at the world is so innocent and so pure.  How they process rejection and hurt can be so beautiful. At this point, I am tainted from life’s harsh cruelties, so it is scary toContinue reading “My baby boy changed my perspective. Here is how.”

Moms, having a healthy romantic relationship is great.

Aside, from having someone to help you do stuff or having someone to spend time with. It is important that your children can witness a healthy relationship. A relationship with love and respect. Too many people have zero examples on how to coexist with a romantic partner. Or, they have only been exposed to negativeContinue reading “Moms, having a healthy romantic relationship is great.”

Compromise or Keep it Moving?

The man you love does not have children and desires to start a family but… You are unsure if you want anymore. That is a huge issue for single parents starting over. To the point where you may even break up and take some space to figure things out. Having children is a huge commitment.Continue reading “Compromise or Keep it Moving?”