Compromise or Keep it Moving?

The man you love does not have children and desires to start a family but…

You are unsure if you want anymore.

That is a huge issue for single parents starting over. To the point where you may even break up and take some space to figure things out.

Having children is a huge commitment. And even more scary when you have children and the previous situation(s) did not work out.

I’m starting to think less and less about compromise and focusing on what makes me happy. We can compromise and then if things go wrong end up feeling miserable. I have always been the one in the relationship to try to compromise due to my love and loyalty. I hate to say it, I often regret it.

I think when you are equally yoked with someone there will be a like-minded chemistry, no power struggles and you will want the same things.

But I don’t know…

Maybe that’s just me.  Have my single moms ever struggled with this?  Have you broke it off with a man because you knew he wanted children?

Tahnee Cole

”The Mommy Motivator”




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