My Tweenager…

My baby is almost 12 and I can’t believe it. Where the hell is the time going and can someone slow it down, just a little?

I am thrilled to see her grow and excited to witness her personality evolve. We are best friends and shopping buddies. Same time, I miss my little baby girl, and I think about how me sending her off to college is less than ten years away.


Well, since she is getting older, I have been letting my guards down a little and letting her experiment with some styles that she likes. As long as, they don’t make her look as old as me. I am ok with her tapping into her Justice, Vsco girl, fancy chic and unicorn lifestyle.

It is funny because I have always looked at colored hair to be goofy looking.  Who walks around with pink or blue hair besides Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim? I’m a little embarrassed to say that I often looked down upon women who would wear colored wigs or weaves. Thinking they were attention seeking women who would never be taken seriously. So when my daughter started wanting to add colored hair to her braids, I was very skeptical.

Now here’s the thing, I am very fashionable. I switch up my hair often and I love clothes. Yet, there was something about color that made me feel very uncomfortable. I’m not referring to natural colors such as: blonde or red. I’m talking blue, turquoise, purple and pink.

Well, I decided to put my old ways away and stop being a boring bitch. I wanted to step out of my box. I started thinking about how telling my daughter that she had to wear her hair a certain way and not express herself was contradicting my daily advice. This was going against everything I had taught her about being an individual and secure with herself.

I always tell her to be confident in who she wants to be despite what others think, and here I was being judgemental over a few pieces of hair.  All because of me worrying about the misconceptions and judgements of others. Black girls are always ridiculed about their hair no matter how it is styled. We have even been programmed to believe that some of our fashion trends and expressions of style are “ghetto”. Meanwhile, other races mimic the same trends and are recognized as fashionable and trendy.

So I am releasing my old views and embracing some of the changes. Knowing that this is just a phase. A phase no different than my childhood phases. I had to remember I was her age once. I like what I liked and I was still a great student and indivudial.

As long as she is being respectful. I am ok with her doing the things that she likes. In moderation…


The above photo is of Heaven wearing jumbo twist done by me. A protective style that last about two weeks. This time I added purple hair.


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