Moms, having a healthy romantic relationship is great.

Aside, from having someone to help you do stuff or having someone to spend time with.

It is important that your children can witness a healthy relationship.

A relationship with love and respect.

Too many people have zero examples on how to coexist with a romantic partner.

Or, they have only been exposed to negative examples.

Better yet, they have watched and absorb the thoughts of their bitter toxic parent or both, bickering about their past lovers.

Constantly, listening to them ramble about how they are done with relationships.

So quite naturally it will be hard to find your place; as well as, process how you feel when it comes to loving someone.

It is extremely important for my kids to see me love and treat a man with respect and in return be showed love and admiration.

I want them to understand that companionship is normal and vital to having a happy life.

I encourage all moms, more specifically single moms to invest your time into establishing a social and romantic life.

Your children will grow older and move away, are you going to just become a cat lady?
From a mom who is loving, love right now.

Tahnee cole


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