Moms, I am an advocate for stepping up your professional brand.

You want to succeed. You want to do better, but you are unsure how…

Well, you are a brand!

You represent yourself!

If you do not make yourself look good, no one else will.

Here are my tips on how I made myself more marketable when I was looking for a career,  and what I am continuing to do to move up in my career.

Here are my 5 tips below…

  1. Take a Professional headshot– I always like a current picture of myself. In the past, I would always use my family photographers for my headshots. Yet, this time I was able to take photos at my current job. We got the awesome opportunity to take professional headshots for free. Winning! You have to realize that most recruiters are looking for a clear headshot with a friendly face, dressed like a Professional. Obviously, your photo depends on your career choice. Just make sure your photo is pertinent to the type of career that you want to obtain.
  2. Update your resume and social media-I always keep my resume current making sure to focus on my individual accomplishments that made me an asset to each company I have worked for. I stay away from listing the duties of each job. I also make sure that it is current and not listing every job I have ever had. I am mid-level in my career so I don’t need to list my teenage jobs.  It is not necessary.
  3.  A New email– Unfortunately, my email is always full. So periodically, I will change emails during my job search seasons. It is easy to miss out on opportunities when your email is too full. If you choose to do this, make sure that you add the email to your current resume, business cards and professional social networks.
  4. Business Cards– People only think business cards are for Business owners.  Yet, it is helpful to have a professional card with your information. It should list your job title, and any professional information you may want a Recruiter to know. I have a separate business card for my blogging business. However, I have a professional card with my information on my Accounting background on the Corporate level. Just in case I am looking for a new career and I run into a Recruiter.
  5.  Networking Events–  You have to get yourself out there. So far this month, I have two networking events coming up this month. One wine social for Accountants and a Meet & Greet for local Bloggers. It is important to be get to know others in your current or desired field. It is the only way you will find out about great opportunities. So the people that you need can recognize your face, talent and personality.

I hope these tips help you! Good Luck…


Tahnee Cole

“The Mommy Motivator”


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